Board Directors Annual Meeting

November 15, 2013

 On September 25, 2013, Mother of Mercy Campus of Care (MOM) of Albany, Minnesota, held its annual meeting.

 John Harren (Freeport) is a newly seated Director. Steve Blattner (Avon) and Bob Schwegler (Albany) have retired from the board after a 9 year run of voluntary service to MOM. Mother of Mercy thanks them for their service and will be honoring them at their Celebration of Service event in November.

Officers elected were as follows: Mark Knapp (Avon) - President, Mark Sauerer (Sartell) - Vice-President, Tom Vos (Avon) – Treasurer, Pat Brenny (Albany) – Secretary, Geri Rakotz-Lenneman (Albany) – Alternate Secretary, Greg Johnson as Chief Financial Officer and John Hoefs as the Chief Executive Officer.

Additional board members not mentioned above include: Michael Naughton, OSB (Seven Dolors Church, Albany), Tom Baumgartner (St. Paul), Roger Voit (Albany), and Marilyn Bergmann (Grey Eagle). Directors serve 3 year terms with a 3 term maximum.

Mother of Mercy Campus of Care (MOM) is a tax-exempt organization that exists to provide quality housing and service to the elderly populations of Albany, Avon, Freeport and the surrounding communities of Holdingford, Upsala, St. Martin and more. The ten Directors serve on a voluntary basis to oversee MOM's operations.

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