Springtime Activities Especially for Seniors

May 25, 2018

After a long winter cooped up indoors, Minnesotans are ready to enjoy some fresh air and warm weather. Getting some sunlight may not only positively affect your mood, it can also impact your health.

In seniors, skin is less capable of producing Vitamin D, which can lead to Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is essential to the health of seniors. This vitamin strengthens the bones in your skeletal system, improves the health of your cardiovascular system (reducing the risk of heart attack, stroke, or high blood pressure), improves muscle function, and lessens the risk of various cancers and hip fractures. 

It is, of course, important to get sun exposure in moderation as too much UV exposure can cause skin cancers. But too little sun is also of concern to seniors’ health.

So, it’s best to get outside! We have a couple of fun ideas for outdoor activities seniors can do this spring:

Start a Garden

Gardening is a peaceful and fruitful way to spend the season. Planting a garden is a fun hobby, creates relaxation, and produces vegetables or herbs that you can eat. What’s not to love?


Find a Walking Trail

The perfect way to enjoy the weather and sunshine in spring is to go on a scenic walk. Not only do you get to explore the beautiful outdoors, you also get some exercise. Find a local park near you or just walk the grounds around your neighborhood. You don’t have to go far; you just have to get outside.


Go Fishing

Fishing is the perfect way for all to get outside and out on the water. Grab your gear and permit and go to a local public dock to try your cast, or reach out to community groups who can help you get out fishing for a day. Let’s Go Fishing is an organization in Minnesota and Wisconsin that assists senior groups to go fishing by providing gear and a boat.


Get Involved in Community Activities

There’s plenty going on in the community right around you. Baseball games, theater and plays, fundraisers, and cookouts are all happening this season. Join the fun and meet some of your neighbors. For a list of just some of the local events in the community, check out the Stearns County community calendar.


Go to a Farmers’ Market

Sunshine is not the only healthy part of spring, fresh fruits and vegetables are in season and taste so good in the spring. This is the perfect season to go pick up some fresh, locally grown produce at a local farmers’ market. You’ll love getting out in the sunshine, and the fresh food will be an added bonus.


Have a Picnic

Take your produce, find some recipes, and make up a dish that you can take outside to eat. There’s no more pleasant way to enjoy a meal than eating it in the fresh air and sunshine.


Fly a Kite

On a perfectly windy day, flying a kite can be the most relaxing activity. Pick up a kite at your nearest convenience store or make one yourself.


Take a Drive

Taking a scenic drive with no intended location always clears the mind and gives a positive energy. Drive yourself or ask a nurse or family member to take you for a drive around town or the country on a sunny day. It is sure to boost your mood.


Take Up a New Hobby

The new season of each year calls us to also try new things. Why not take up a new hobby this season? Try out birdwatching, picking morel mushrooms, gathering flowers, crafting, or playing pickleball. Whatever your interests, trying new activities can create excitement amid routine. This will help make your mental energy more positive and gives you physical energy too.