Senior Living Lifestyle That Is Better Than You Can Imagine!

April 30, 2018


Senior living has a stigma of being less desirable than staying in your own home. Mother of Mercy aims to change that by offering the most luxurious and comfortable senior living options you can imagine!

Located in the golf course residential neighborhood of Pondview Estates, you will quickly feel at home and be glad you made the choice to live as part of our community!


Our campus has raised garden beds, beautiful scenery, and walking paths that lead to the Wobegon Trail. Our senior living apartments feature full kitchens and baths, front porches, and bright, airy floor plans. A full range of health and personal care options are available to you.

Mother of Mercy offers amenities like an on-site hairdresser as well as necessities like an on-call registered nurse. We even have special amenities for those suffering from dementia at theTranquility Place and Memory Lane communities.


The community at Mother of Mercy is what you will truly fall in love with. We have a consistent, dedicated staff as well as compassionate, generous volunteers who care for our residents. We focus on building community by hosting events, parties, quilting clubs, cards, crafts, games, failing coffee hours, and more! We also offer numerous exercise and body balancing classes that will help you feel your best and promote an active lifestyle.

Speaking of an active lifestyle, our scheduled group transportation can also take you off campus to go shopping. You will find friends and feel a sense of true belonging in no time at our senior living facilities.


At Mother of Mercy, we are more than capable of caring for your health and physical needs, but what we want to stress is the emotional and spiritual wellbeing you will gain from joining us. We focus on the health of the whole person and think our amazing senior living lifestyle will improve your life in every way!