Mother of Mercy Services: The Highest Quality of Care

July 25, 2017

At Mother of Mercy senior living, we strive to provide an unparalleled quality of care for our residents. An overview of some of our services make it clear we do our best to ensure those benefiting from MOM are living life to the fullest.


The Suites Rapid Recovery

When illness or surgery slows you down, the last thing you want is more time in a hospital bed. Our Suites Rapid Recovery is designed to help you get better faster, transitioning out of hospital care and reducing re-hospitalizations in the future. Our highly skilled team offers physical, occupational, and speech therapy, rehabilitation nursing, recreation therapy, nutrition counseling and social services. The knowledge and care you will receive from the Suites Rapid Recovery will enable you to live a healthier life moving forward.



Spiritual Care

We take pride in our Catholic roots and believe spiritual health is just as important to your well-being as anything else. This is why we offer many ways for you to get more in touch with your spiritual faith while staying at Mother of Mercy. Mass, the rosary, bible study groups, prayer services and pastoral care are available to all residents regardless of their church affiliation. We have a spiritual care staff available to our residents as well as their families to assist in times of crisis and celebrate in times of joy. Our chapel space is open 24/7 and hosts both Catholic and Lutheran services.


Community Activities

It can be easy for elderly people to lose a sense of community when moving into a senior living facility. At Mother of Mercy, the neighborhood you once lived in is not so unlike the community which thrives at our senior living homes. Monthly community activities bring everyone together and nourish our lively social environment. Some highlights include a senior prom, a Halloween costume party, and Christmas caroling. On a daily basis, you can find activities to join; from bingo to coffee hour to movie nights. Our Activity Department offers a variety of fun for every kind of person and works hard to ensure you are enjoying your days spent with us.


These are just some highlights of the many services we offer at Mother of Mercy senior living. We care for your health, nurture your spirit, and join in the fun that life can bring. Learn more about joining us here.