Fun Activities for Mother of Mercy Residents

June 12, 2018

Mother of Mercy offers a full calendar of fun events and outings for our residents as well as daily and weekly get-togethers for all to enjoy.

These activities not only bring a sense of community and personal connections to our residents, they’re also opportunities to celebrate holidays, family, and faith.

Nearly every month, our residences put on various seasonal events, from hayrides and trick or treating in the fall to the St. Patrick’s Day party and Senior prom in the spring. Who says senior prom only applies to seniors in high school? With nice music and some great dance moves, these residents bring new meaning to “Senior” prom. Our staff and volunteers put lots of love into planning celebrations like these that are lively and memorable.

On a more regular basis, we offer ways for our residents to stay connected to each other and our faith. (See our calendars here.) Daily mass or communion service is offered in each location, as well as a daily rosary, sometimes one on each floor, which is a highlight for many. We also host things like bingo, manicures, “coffee clutch,” and guest speakers regularly, as well as arts & crafts, which is a wonderful way to get our hands dirty while letting creativity shine.

We also highly recommend our fitness classes designed specifically for our residents and catered to each person’s physical abilities. Staying active and moving has been shown to have enormous physical as well as mental benefits—whether it’s opportunities to maintain flexibility in movement or mild strength movements.

The Mother of Mercy Foundation raised funds to purchase a golf cart for our residents. When the weather permits, residents love to take rides around Albany!

Mother of Mercy is dedicated to bringing enjoyment and community to our residences every day and for everyone. If you’d like to become more involved or would be interested in volunteering for activities, or to help in the salon or in transporting residents, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact Kristi (Activities Director) at 320-845-2195, or drop in any time!